Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Page 17 - Amateurs!


Naldoman said...

Let the torches be lit!
Let drapery adorn the battlefield!
Let sandals be laced and buckles clasped!
Let sinew and skin tighten with anticipation!
Let hair whip about and mangle!
Let teeth be gnashed and eyes squint!
Let metal sing of sharpness and leather groan in tightening agony!
Let skin glisten with sweat and knucklebones bash against quivering flesh!
Let sand rend stinging agony into wounds, and dust cause blindness to eyes!
Let sweat and mucus and puss and blood mix as one soup in a bowl of carnage!

Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!

...and PLEASE let the warriors chicks lose their tops!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

hopefully her being in her skivvies will allow her to get a bit of a tan.. she's as pink as a newborn..

Naldoman said...

Back from vacation. It is time for Kurtzman to work for her dinner....DIBS ~ !!!