Tuesday, August 26, 2008

over 1000 visitors.

just thought it was worth mentioning.


Stephen Reid said...

Over a thousand visitors and less than 6 contributors.

go figure.


Naldoman said...

Hmm.....I just wanna know who ate the fruit cup out of my sack lunch that was in the fridge....???

Imagine...with more contributors there could be more visitors?

Gary Fitzgerald said...

well, you may have noticed I put an email address for the blog up, plus a solicitation for participation in multiple languages.. I'd be happy for any fresh blood at the moment..
do we want to make it that you don't have to have a gmail address or already belong to blogger to comment? might get more dibs from 'strangers' that way?

Naldoman said...

I've got two more Spicy Space Tales "out of context" ads to throw up. One is complete, the other is half-inked and I'll finish it in 10 days, after my vacation. Use them to draw gawkers and contributors if you like. :)

Stephen Reid said...


Post 'em Rich!