Thursday, May 15, 2008

Page 9 - 'The Plan'

It was a tight one...But I got it!
Stupid scanner!


Naldoman said...

...heheh....even thought they stopped running, Kurtzy's chest is still heaving!!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

goin' out of town again this weekend.. can someone else step up?

Bluemeanie said...

Fuck it... you're gonna get another page of my crap, sorry!
That'll learn ya not to volunteer yourselves

Stephen Reid said...

I'm just thrilled that someone called 'Dibs!'

It looked like it was going to die a cruel slow death for an idea that looked so promising...Well done BlueMeanie!

We await your next glorious page!

Bluemeanie said...

Due to a bit of a home crisis this week Im gonna be a bit late sorry... doesnt help when you cant draw :(

Will get done by Sunday tho

robert said...

Hmmm... i might jump on this after blue.

Naldoman said...

Every time I look at ths page I wanna say "Look sir, DROIDS!"